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About Psychological Assessments of Candidates for Leadership Positions

Serving the needs of clients in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut, Leslie S. Pratch is a licensed clinical psychologist who guides Pratch & Company as president. In Leslie S. Pratch’s book, entitled Looks Good on Paper? Using In-Depth Personality Assessment to Predict Leadership Performance, she describes her approach to assessing executives who are being considered for senior leadership roles.

Ms. Pratch's clients contact her only after they have completed a thorough reference-checking process and narrowed down the number of potential job candidates to between one and three. Her assessments provide a more complete understanding of the psychological qualities that make one candidate, who may be similar to other candidates in terms of background, experience and cognitive ability, the superior choice for the role.

In particular, her assessment offers predictions regarding how candidates will cope in unanticipated circumstances that present major business challenges. The assessment takes into consideration specific issues that the client company realistically faces, as predicting leadership is not an exercise taken in a vacuum but relates to the candidates ability to carry out the critical imperatives of the role.

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